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YEA - Technical Tour - McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)
Priorité aux membres ASHRAE et ASPE jusqu’au 15 mars 2023. Ouvert à tous par la suite
Please Note: Online Registration is Now Closed
The registration deadline for this event was Mar 28, 2023.
Tuesday, March 28th, 2023
Centre universitaire de santé McGill
Montréal, QC
H4A 3J1
Point de rencontre : Cafétéria du pavillon Royal-Victoria à 15h. Il y a un accès direct au pavillon par le métro Vendôme.
Registration Deadline
Tuesday, March 28th, 2023
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Vincent Bonnier




Julie Magoules


All prices in Canadian dollars
Ticket Price
Membres ASHRAE prioritaires jusqu'au 15 mars 2023. Ouvert à tous par la suite.
Membre ASPE
Membres ASPE prioritaires jusqu'au 15 mars 2023. Ouvert à tous par la suite.
La priorité est donnée aux membres ASHRAE et ASPE jusqu'au 15 février 2023. Après cette date, les inscriptions seront ouvertes à tous.
3:00pm - 3:15pm
Accueil des participants à la Cafétéria du Royal-Victoria
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Visite guidée
Additional Information

Point de rencontre : Cafétéria du pavillon Royal-Victoria à 15h.

Transports : Station de métro Vendôme (ligne orange)


Cancellation &
Refund Policy

ASHRAE Montreal Chapter (ASHRAE Montreal)

Any request to cancel a registration must be written and emailed to The application must clearly state the reasons for the cancellation.


Refer to the cancellation deadline stated on the activity registration form. After that date, any cancellation will result in the full fee that must be paid according to your status (member of the Montreal chapter, non-member or student).

A participant can be replaced free of charge until the date of the activity provided that the replacement benefits from the same rate.  However, you must specify it in writing either by email several days in advance or to the person responsible for the activity or to Chapter staff as soon as you arrive. If a difference in fare is due, you will be charged. This does not apply to individual packages.

Note that membership is non-transferable. This is an individual, not a corporate, contribution.


Exceptional measures (cancellation for medical reasons) 

In the event that you are unable to participate in the activity for which you registered for medical reasons, you may be granted a full refund (minus $20 administrative fee). To do this, in addition to receiving your written request by email ( explaining the reasons for the cancellation, you will need to send us written proof (medical certificate) of the professional concerned.


Cancellation or postponement of an activity by ASHRAE Montreal

ASHRAE Montreal reserves the rights to cancel or postpone an activity if the number of participants does not reach the required minimum. In either case, participants will be notified at least two business days before the date of the event. If the activity is cancelled, the payment already made will be fully refunded and, if it is deferred, the payment will still be applicable to this activity and the participant will be considered registered on the new date. However, if we were to cancel a dinner conference (in presentation mode) due to circumstances beyond our control as in the case of COVID-19, the virtual version (webinar) of our Monthly Evening would then be the only one available, see the special policy on the event page of our website.

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